I’ve always wondered how much practice one takes to get good at something.

For me, my Daily Practice is trying to keep the demons at bay and look at the good in life that is already surrounding me.

The Daily Practice I do starts with writing down at least 5 things I am grateful for and then turning my attention to ideas on how to improve my situation or how to help others.

At one time, I spend a lot of time practicing Call of Duty to get much better at online play.  As the online game is the only place you can attain rank in the game. So, I had to practice against kids that were far younger than me and this may me better.

Numerous sources have stated you need at least 10,000 hours of practice before you are considered elite at something and a master.  But the, even the best still need practice, right?

As I wanted to be a game designer many years ago, I spent a lot of time practicing coding and making that computer do what I wanted in various languages.  Currently, C# is the field of practice I am in right now.

So, are you ever done practicing? And if you are, are you then the best?