Raining and Snowing Mix in Minecraft

I wanted to start my streaming in 2020.  To find some followers and see about making games that they’d like to play.  Time to come out of the shadows and into the light.  That is the only way to grow!

Twitch is where I know I need to go because that is where the gamers appear to be.  The problem is, I’ve spent so much time making Pumpkin Hunt and researching coding that my gaming skills were still stuck in 2014… PS3 and Wii.  Oh my!  The world of gaming left me.  No!!

With my current equipment, I needed to find a game to play that is still relevant and that I’m somewhat good at.  Minecraft!

Yes, it IS an old game, but a lot of people still play it.  Of course, by now, the good gamers have cleared the entire forest of trees and leveled the mountains to make modern metropolises in their worlds.   Maybe even drained the oceans and built there, too.  I don’t know.  I’m just saying that anything is possible with creative players and this much time.

I am SO rusty!  I used to be really fast and lightning on Minecraft in building worlds.  I built an entire railway system for transporting me from one place to another.  All in Survival Mode (not Creative/Cheater mode as I like to call it).

So, here we go!  Playing Minecraft live on a stream.

It went pretty well.  I got a little distracted with a new follower than wanted me to drop everything and go into Discord to test things out.  Turns out it might’ve been a troll trying to seduce me live on stream. (Well, if I am getting trolls already, I must be doing something right!)  Next time, I need to ready for anything, but who could predict this?  Hope the troll turns into a MindTip supporter after all is set and done.

I’ll look to try again soon.

The highlight of the stream was clearly my encounter with a mix of weather!

The goal? Get followers of course!  🙂  We want to build a community of people who like games and help us build some great ones for all.  Can’t do it alone.  This is Day 8 of the 2020’s decade, let’s see how far this journey takes us.

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