Playing Retro Games - Packrat

Playing Peter Pack Rat for the first time in over 25 years

This is one happy day for me!  13 days into 2020, and I’ve already accomplished a more than 10-year quest!

I didn’t win the lottery.  My kids didn’t graduate from college (yet).  I didn’t find the fountain of youth.  And I didn’t make a fortune in my game sales.   No.
But I did find an emulated Coin-Op classic called Peter Pack Rat and got to play it with an unlimited amount of quarters!

Finding this game may seem like no big deal to most, but to me, this is a significant find!  This game has been SO tough to find in arcades. The few times I did find it, the machine was broken or out-of-service.   Peter Pack Rat is one of the few games I considered learning specific programming languages to bring back from the dead (but I couldn’t find the ROMs for it either).  I was quite serious about finding it about ten years or so ago but had since given up.  It just wasn’t going to happen because not many people liked it or even remembered it.  How could they not, though?

I meant to live stream a few other Coin-Op titles (and I did, Indy, Bagman, and Mr. Do), but this one had me lost in my 15-year-old self for a solid hour.  The cuteness of the characters, the soundtrack, the whole vibe of the game.  LOVE IT!  And it shows.

Oh yeah, the Live Stream.  No views or followers, but I am glad I didn’t.  I don’t think I would have answered them.  The equipment worked flawlessly. The mic didn’t pick up the A/C or the fans that were blowing at my desk.  I can say the sound problems are functional for now.

The green screen it still fuzzy, though.  I think it is because of the fan blowing it around, causing shadows.

I am going to stream again soon.