I have a problem.  I am an engineering addict. I am addicted to architecting the best mouse trap ever!
And just after I make that “best mouse trap ever”, I look for ways to make it better!

Why am I doing this? I am a classic Over-engineering architect. The “over-engineering” doesn’t bode well to finishing a product.
I am about seven levels deep in coding out a content system to make content easy to add later.

At least I think I am making it “easier”.   Am I?  Is this extra effort worth it?

Imagine writing a sequence of instructions to someone telling them how to write the instructions for others later.  And the person expects your series of tasks to be the same each time so they can interpret the same each time.  What do those instructions look like?

They look like a lot of literal lines of quotes. Code more now! But why?
This additional effort is all based on the fact that I want to use a spreadsheet to put in new content, instead of coding it all out myself.

Spread Sheets have a lot great of editing tools, like spell checker and a thesaurus.
Writing code that contains well-known quotes has none of those writing tools.
Also, it is a lot less expensive to ask a writer to update a spreadsheet or make a text file instead of asking them to write out a code file.

I’m justifying this to myself, of course.  I had a moment in the middle of my frustration of coding out this ridiculously long solution of Content Management using a Dynamic Bundling Process where  I questioned what the heck am I doing, and is this even worth it?

I’m and supposed to be writing out a game to play.  I am not solving the most significant code challenges in software development!
It will be worth it, though.  That moment in a few weeks where I update the sheet and click a couple of buttons to have all new code generated that will properly version the files and make sure they download only if the version is different.

Lots of code now, to make life easier later.  That is the way of software development.

Code more now, Code Less Later! Is that all?

Write the code of instructions behind that button to push.  And this time, the button is for ME and ME alone.  So, I’m worth it.

Code more now, Code Less Later, because I’m worth it!  Anything else?

Hopefully, they love the effort I’m putting in here now, to save them time later.

The ultimate goal, update the game without disrupting their play.  Yep, it is worth it.
Code more now, Code Less Later, because I’m worth it, and my players are totally worth it.
I just hope it all works.  Let’s find out.
Drive on and code on.   Taking a deep breath…