This is more my style of game

Back to the streaming adventure.
One of the struggles I am facing is finding a consistent time to stream where I am ready and awake. 20:30 EST is tough because I get up each day at 04:45 or so.

Oh well, I’ll figure it out.

After hearing Married to the Games mention how great The Last of Us is, and that it was on many, many as Game of the 2010 Decade lists… not to mention one of the hosts said how much he’d like to pay it again “for the first time,” well, I have to see what it is all about… No Matter What!
I tried to play The Last Of Us back in 2014, and quickly got freaked out by the Clickers and Bloaters.  I couldn’t handle it.  I had to stop after Chapter 3.
Ugh!  Nightmare fuel!

BUT, if I never play it, I might be missing out on one of the most epic stories ever told!  The FOMO is strong here.

Because of all the hype, I decided to try again and record the experience on Twitch of “playing for this game the first time”.  I haven’t seen any blogs or posts about the scenes or the ending.  This is a legitimate first playthrough, 8 years later.  And I have no idea what I’m doing (C’mon COD WM3 skills, don’t fail me now!)
The good thing about recording in Twitch is that I can go back and catch up on any story bits I missed.  When you stream, it is difficult to follow the story.
Good story so far in this “Episode 1”  Mankind gets overrun with a disease that can wipe out humans forever.  Hopefully, I’m not spoiling anything here.
This will be challenging in the later Episodes though, I really, really do not like horror!

Sigh.  Wish me luck and try not to laugh at my “OMG” reactions.  I’ll play this again soon.  Maybe this will be my “Monday thing”

I decided I need to get back to my “why” for streaming.  To play games with others together and have a great time!  That is really the only reason I want to stream.
I haven’t found a lot of close-by friends that like or have time to play games, so I must turn to social media for players.
Lucky for me, people are out there searching for games as well.

I tried to find games on Discord on Wednesday.  I did find a couple.  But, they were a little challenging to play with.  I think that teenagers play a whole different style of JackBox than I do.  Not a bad style, though. And it was really funny!  But, wow, I would’ve gotten my mouth CLEANSED with soap if I had been speaking like that while growing up.  Thank you for the invite, Vibe Channel on Discord.  I may join in another game soon if you’ll have me.

Thursday (1/29/2020), I loaded up JackBox 2 for some failed attempts at bomb-defusing and then got into JB3 TMP 1 and JB6 TMP 2 with a couple of new viewers. (YAY!) This is more of my style of streaming where I can get an active group of strangers to play along in a game.  (and in an intense game of high-stakes trivia where the host is actively trying to KILL you).   What could be better?

I was fortunate to gain three players so it wasn’t just me dying at trivia.  It was a fun time!

Thank you to LoserFruitFan10192,
linkzelda10120, and thekuddlykrab for taking the time to join me!
And thank you to LoserFruitFan10192 and linkzelda10120 for following my Twitch stream.  I hope I can meet your expectations of fun in future broadcasts.

Thank you to mysticmayhemgaming for the Post Stream follow as well.

We’ll see what the next broadcast brings.  In the meantime, I need to get back to testing out the Mango Game I am working on…