What to write about?

Wow, I didn’t think to even look at this until someone told me that they tried to subscribe to my newsletter.  And got an Error and I realized that I didn’t have a newsletter!

But, then, what would I write about?  What kind of NEWS is there here?
I’m not a news anchor.  I don’t have a subscription to the Associate Press.  And when it comes to current events, I am probably the last person to know.


Well, I could write out what I’m doing.
Okay… here we go!
I am sitting in front of a computer keyboard, typing feverishly and watching words form on the screen to my immediate right.
The chair I sit on is uncomfortable.  The lighting in the room is subpar.  The temperature outside is nice, though.  The windows are open and the cats are chattering at the occasion bird flying by.
Well, that is the NEWS.  Back to you… whoever.

Seriously, though, I guess I should write down a little of what I’m working on and looking to make in the way of games.  More importantly, fix that error!

If one person is interested, there might be more. Thank you for “Forgetful Lucy” for bringing this to my attention.