Been awhile! A real full house in JB6 – TMP2 – Whoo Hoo!


2/3/2020 – The Last Of Us – Season 1 – Episode 2
I finally was able to make it passed the part of The Last Of Us in which I gave up many years ago.  The first encounter with the Infected beings is the part that sent me packing and putting the game on the shelf.  What a waste!
The realistic nature of the game where you have MONSTERS this up close and personal in your face was just a horrific image for me to digest.  The Big Screen TV I was playing it on in a very dark room, alone, didn’t help any!
Well, I found that just by looking away and repeatedly hitting the Square Button I can beat these things off of me… And not see it as badly, sort of.  Still.  UGH!
I couldn’t even bear to watch it while making highlights.
Not sure if I will be able to keep it up, though.  As I was reminded by one of the streamers I follow (Mr. Ed Placencia) that games should be FUN!  If I’m not having fun, why are am I doing it?
Good question.  Life is too short to do things we don’t like.
But, the STORY is supposed to be worth it?!  Hmmmm…
Also, after reviewing the tape, I’m noting that the Game sound is still louder than my commentary.  Gotta tweak that some more.

2/6/2020 – JackBox Games – Trivia Murder Party 2 and a little Quip
This is really my style of game here.  I like playing party games or interactive games with others!  It is what I get up every day for – hoping to do!
This session started with just me, but I was able to unlock the “Wig Gift” during my solo adventure and also complete the game with it.
I won’t spoil what happens in this article, you can look at the highlight video if you wish to know.
After that, I got some company thanks to bec3272.  They joined in for 2 game sessions before others started finding me!
samsolo6 found me and joined the audience for the second session… and then the flood gates opened.

I had my first full house TMP2 session since the day after JackBox Party Pack 6 released back on Oct 17, 2019!
Another victory for the week!
samsolo6 was victorious in that game as well.

We then played two games of Quiplash 2 with 5 to seven players.
And even convinced everyone to keep it PG-13.  That was totally cool!

I learned a harsh lesson in letting the VIP status get away from me.  We had our loyal viewer, bec3272, censored on the second Quip game by kayjaybee3 “accidentally”.  Yikes! Yeah, that is a major bummer!  Once censored in the game you cannot come back from it.  The player is still “in the game” but not after the censoring.  It is so close to a “Kick button”
In the future, I’ll be hiding my screen to capture that VIP designation to prevent further mishaps.  I don’t mind sharing VIP status, but I need some trusted moderators first before that can happen.
Looking forward to the next session.

Oh, and we got some off-session followers I need to note.
Thank you to themortalmccleod and WillsToyClearance for the follows.  I hope I can prove worthy in entertainment over time.