Playing the Last Of Us

Playing the Last Of Us – How much more can I take of this?

Getting more of a variety of streaming practices this week. A little movie gameplay, a little trivia gameplay, and the most nerve-racking of all. A Live Stream of me working on games. Wow, a whole new level of scary and intimidating.

Whatever comfort zone I had, it is long gone!

2/10/2020 – Streaming the Last Of Us – Season 1 – Episode 3
I feel like I should be getting better at this game, but I think I am getting worse.  (spoilers) One of my main people is dead.  I’m leading this poor 14-year-old girl around a wasteland full of plant zombies. And my shooting fighting skills are horrid.  Really stressful to play through.  I think it is high time I consulted a walk-through or something to make sure I’ll live through the game and don’t get stuck with a bad guy that my character can’t handle.  I’m getting more relaxed with the zombie plants coming after me, but I really hate the jump-scares.  Again, Why am I doing this?  Is the story THAT good?  I hope so, I cannot afford any more sleepless nights.  Wills Toy Clearance dropped by for the first time on my stream!  That was cool… and a nice distraction from the game.  We chatted about stuff for a bit before he needed to get to bed. (4am? Dude!).  The session ended with me running for my life and dying many times in the process.  The cliffhanger for next week.  Will Ron make it?

2/11/2020 – Streaming JackBox 3 and 6
Played a lot of Trivia Murder Party 1 and 2 against the Serial Killer and won 3 out 6 I think.  Kind of boring playing on my own.  I think I’ll use my streaming time with something more interesting.  I can always have a few games to play and then can always switch over if viewers magically.  But that is a LOT of have at the ready.  Not sure if I have enough desk space and power cords for all that.  (adding get a bigger desk to the list).  Wills Toy Clearance joined me for a little while as well again (thank you!) to watch me die on stage in many games.  No one showed for play along and I got bored.  So I ended early.  We’ll try again some other time.

2/12/2020 – Science and Tech – Live Development Stream
My last  has got to be a terrifying thing I’ve ever done to date.  Put my coding desktop screen on the stream.  Whoa! I’m not sure what to think about it.  I didn’t turn on my camera for this session because I had enough trying to keep myself focused on coding and keeping an eye on the chat room.  Yeah, chat room.  IT is hard to focus on my mindset of engineering while chatting.  I am not sure if I can separate the two.  So, as unproductive code-wise, as it was, it was very productive in that my chat friends were helping me test things out.  Huge thanks for Wills Toy Clearance and Ibzy Studios  (aka EvenIbzy) dropping in an lending a hand with impromptu testing in the chat room.  That was fun!  Hoping to get some bugs worked out for another go real soon.

I have busy nights of streaming ahead as I continue to push the comfort zone.  I’m tired but inspired.  The journey is getting more interesting.

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