Live Stream of Indy Coin-Op

Live Stream of Indy Coin-Op

Another series of Live Streams this week.  Getting more comfortable behind the camera and the microphone, I think.  Still trying to balance this out with the rest of the stuff going on in my life.  Blocking out a dedicated 2+ hours each weekday is really tough.  At least, I now have a pattern for making sure my equipment is all in place and ready to go within 15 minutes.

2/17/2020 – Streaming the Last Of Us – Season 1 – Episode 4 – Last time
Another intense session.  I got disgusted many times and died a lot before I learned to use bombs to take out scores of plant people.  Wills Toy Clearance and the theimmortalmcleod dropped by for the stream, and I probably scared the heck out of them.  Which sucks, this is not really what I want my stream to be about, so, I might put this game back on the shelf and look for something more productive to do on Monday streams.  I’m not going to quit the game entirely, but this game doesn’t fit my brand, and I don’t think I’ll find the audience I want by streaming it.  Farewell Joel and Ellie.  You’ll be missed but the plant bad guys will NOT be!

2/18/2020 – Streaming Retro Coin-Op – Indy, Pengo, Packrat
This day’s stream is SO MUCH MORE my type of gameplay!  Story play coin-op without all the graphic details.  (Done with the Last Of Us)  Wills Toy Clearance joined me for a little while as well again (thank you!) to watch me play Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom.  So much fun even it tough to make it through without a lot of lives.  I played through the Easy, Medium, and Hard levels.  On the last game, I almost made it to the point of defeating Mola Ram on the rope bridge!  Only 4 pixels away from grabbing that emblem to win!  OMG!  How disappointing!  But!  I did record the whole stage and I can go back and review the tape to see how to navigate through the Escape in the Minecart scenes.  I keep dying a lot on that part.  Moves so fast.
Moved on to Pengo after my crushing defeat… Will needed to leave.  This was fun.  The copy of Pengo I played doesn’t have the original music in it.  I missed that one.  Still a fun game.
And then, moved to Peter Packrat, which I am still in awe over that I found an emulated copy of.  That one held my attention for the rest of the time.  I really need to do more variety.  Hope to load up a copy of the Coin-Op Simpsons on the next go around.

2/20/2020 – Science and Tech – Game Dev Stream – making leader boards in code
Yes.  I tried this again.  This was NOT an entertaining stream at all.  It was all my desktop full of code and me struggling to figure out how to make more than one leader board for the Mango game.  The amazing thing is that I did indeed make the previous and next buttons to cycle through several new leader boards.  So, this was indeed a productive stream overall.  And I found a few places that were not updating the information.  Overall, an excellent use of time.  Credit for streaming and actually did something.  Maybe I continue with this in future streams, I just need to find a way to be more engaging while I work on software.  This is not easy!

Shortly after my stream, I went to visit the streamer BernieHou and his crew.  They play JackBox games every Thursday and have been very welcoming to me as an outsider.  Played some Bracketeering and Quip Lash with them for an hour.  It was a really fun time.  Giving those guys a shout out because they are super chill and welcoming.

Time for some R and R this weekend, with more coding on Mango.