A network of Goo and the first Raid

A network of Goo and the first Raid

The Last Of Us is over… at least for me.
I didn’t enjoy the game that much as far as the story content.  The gameplay and immersion in a world of horror were genuinely amazing.  It really felt like I was there, getting eaten alive.  Too real!
When my chat room says they are disturbed by the content, it is time to move one.  I’ll never forget when theimmortalmccleod said in a frightened chat, “I don’t like horror!”  It is time to put that game away.

From here on, I’ll be playing more fun games that stay in my area of interest… and hopefully ones we can play together, and I can host.

I did two streams this week.  Both were a lot more fun!

2/24/2020 – Playing the World Of Goo
Bringing a Wii game on to the stream.  What a challenge!  It was able to get the Wii to work just fine and hook up the RCA cables to the HDMI converter, no problem.  The sensor bar was the tough part.  The Wii was never made to be played on a desktop.  Way too close.  But, I made it work.  I have to figure out my camera placement.  So, no face cam on this stream.  But the game of The World Of Goo itself was a lot of fun to play.  My wife introduced it to me way back in 2011 when I was first dating her, and I really got into it.  It is a complex physics puzzle game with a lot of stretchy goo balls all trying to get home.  I easily ate up 2 hours of time playing this one.
WillsToyClearance came by to chat with me for a while, and then 55 minutes into the stream, I got my first ever- RAID!  LassLisa was kind enough to deliver a pool of Raiders (9) into my little world.  It was a great experience.

2/27/2020 – Playing Coin-Ops  TMNT: Turtles in Time and The Simpsons and Unlimited Quarters
Ever since I found these two games, I’ve been itching to play them again.  The last time I did was many years ago and I never got the chance to play as a team on either game – nor as to the character, I wanted (Mikey or Bart).  This time around, still no team, but I got to use any character.  So much fun.  I lost count of how many quarters I would have spent on these.  WillsToyClearance dropped by to watch and told me it was at least 10 pounds ($16).  I believe it.  Really surprised that it took me an hour to beat each game.  In fact, I had to go into overtime to finish off Burns in the Simpsons.  We got a surprise visit from Forgetful_Lucy at the tail end of the stream.  He cheered me on through the last battle and watched my stream end.  Happy to have him in the chat for a while.

I like playing the Wii games on stream.  I think I’ll re-arrange my camera to allow for more room and hopefully, my office doesn’t look like a mess when I do.

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