Marbles First Play

Marbles On Stream First Play.

(this post was published before it was ready! Sorry about that… there are probably a LOT of type-os still in it)
I was still looking for a suitable replacement for The Last Of Us discontinuation on the stream.  I debated what to do.  Jackbox with others is what i would like to play and the game of MANGO that I have developed would be a great choice as well.  But JackBox needs a lot of players to really be fun and MANGO is not done. (Bummer)

I felt the best way to get a few followers would be to do Marbles on Stream.  Everyone seems to love playing that game and it is free to play.  So, why not try it?

This is a completely luck-based game with nothing more for a player to do than to drop in a Marble on the Race track and hope for the best.
The streamer (me) has the more entertaining game of following the action of the race with the camera controls and providing some color commentary.  Which is what I like doing anyways.

Wow, upon first load up, I found that my poor gaming computer was instantly at 100% CPU usage! Yikes!
After some poking around the settings, I found that I could scale down the graphics to LOW. Whew! I probably saved my CPU (and GPU) from an overcooked experience!
Bouncing the action to my stream wasn’t too hard, but keeping control of the camera was tougher than I thought.  Easy to control, but hard to control well.  I felt like I was making viewers sick with my piloting efforts.  And me too.  (Hurl!)

I did this practice on both my Monday and Wednesday streams.  Very grateful to my Great Britain friends of WillsToyClearance, theimmortalmcleod, and LassLisa for joining me on my piloting efforts.  They made this experience for me so much more interesting than it would’ve been.  Also, my wife, Sarah joined in while watching her Outlander series for a lot of the races on Wednesday.

I found that Marbles on Stream is pretty fun and chill, but it leaves a little to be desired in the gaming department. Not much you can control here, but the excitement is there.  You really need at least 10 or more players to make it interesting.  Also. with less than 10 players, there is a good chance that everyone could fall off the track (a DNF).  I am a far cry from getting that many folks in my viewer list, but one can dream.  The fact that the streamer can play along is a good thing.

I may make Losing Marbles Monday a thing for now because I love to be the host of the game.  My hope is that it lures in players that are coming to Twitch to play games with others.   Once MANGO is working, the Marbles might take a back seat or move to a different day.

I’m finding that it is really, really tough to stream 4 days a week.  There is a lot of in-real-life stuff that gets in the way of being able to stream dedicatedly.  I think the schedule will start to be either 2 or 3 days a week for now.  I know if you don’t stream, you don’t get followers, but to be honest… I seem to be getting more followers when I don’t broadcast!  Wild!

Up to 27 real followers that don’t appear to be trolls or bots.  Here are the latest followers to our humble MindTip channel on Twitch.
As always, I’ll do my best to provide a fun and entertaining experience for you all whenever I go online.