Pine Tree Crashes the Party

Pine Tree Crashes the Party

MindTip(Ron) With a Mighty Chainsaw

MindTip (Ron) With a Mighty Chainsaw

It is probably no big secret that we had the misfortune of a neighbor’s tree land in our backyard from over 50 feet away.

This happened on the night of Feb 6, 2020.

A wild windstorm “straight-line wind” came around from the south (which it NEVER does) and snapped our neighbor’s dead pine tree in half. The top half dropped into my yard and crushed my fence and pool in the process.

Don’t worry about us. We are fine and it was nowhere near the house.
But my fence and pool were casualties of this minor mishap.

For a month or so, I’ve been trying to gather the resources to deal with all the aspects of this loss. Insurance company, quotes for service and repairs, and the equipment needed to deal with this.
And, about a month later, I finally got my hands on a proper chainsaw to take some of the first steps of action!

The first mission is clearing away the dead tree.

These are the photos from the “action”

Is this Thor's Hammer?

Is this Thor’s Hammer?

The Game – Restore the backyard.

Mission 1 – The Dead Pine Tree

Objective – Clear the 20 inches (50cm) diameter and 10 foot (3m) long pine tree from my yard and remove all traces of it.

Characters – MindTip (Ron) and GrafxMkr (Sarah)

Equipment – BluxMax 22 in (56cm) chainsaw, old wheelbarrow, fire pit, matches

Time limit – 2 days

MindTip Working with GraxMkr

MindTip (Ron) Working with GrafxMkr (Sarah) to remove the Tree!




Mission Results

Tree Cleared – 99%
Fence cleared – 94%
Burned – 75%
Time – 7 hours 41 minutes

Grade –  B+

I didn’t gold medal this first mission, but I get clear away the Pine Tree enough that a good fence guy should be able to replace the fence where it needs to go.  There is a lot more tree on the other side of the fence that I don’t need to worry about.

The next steps will be to repair the fence and remove the destroyed pool.


Tree Is Gone!

Tree Is Gone!

The Pile of Tree

The Pile of Tree