Be sure to tune-in to our Twitch Channel from 12pm to 2pm EDT (GMT -4) on March 28th and 29th to see, play, and give feedback on MANGO!
We will be playing, testing, and seeing how it goes.  No prizes offered other than a good time.

This weekend and in future streams, our MindTip Twitch channel will be showing off a game idea we’ve been working on called MindTip MANGO. It is a tropical rendition of the popular wait-for-a-ball and fill-in-a-card game that most elder people find amusing.
Instead of Balls, the game offers MANGO Fruits appearing randomly on the screen.
Each players’ job is of mark off numbers on their card when the Mango with the number is on screen.

This is done in the Twitch chat while the game is actively running.

The Host (who else but Ron), will choose the game type and they await active players.
The Game Types are Mango Tree and Mango Tree Co-Op
There are various options of Auto-Fill in, Free-For-All entry and Wild Mangos

The object of all the games is to fill in as many spots as you can on your card and get 5 MANGO Card covered spots in a row (a MANGO Line) vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.


Host sequence –

Start the Game – Pick the type of game to play.

  • MANGO Tree (Compete) – First player to get a MANGO on their Card wins the bonus points and receives a Win for their profile. Bonus Points is depending on the number of players. (Max of 12)
  • MANGO Tree Co-Op – All Players get as many MANGOs as they can to reach the number needed to Win before time expires.  There are point bonuses for Double, Triple, Quadruple MANGOs and a FULL CARD.  If the number of MANGOs is reached within the time limit, all players get the Game Bonus Points.  Bonus Points is depending on the number of players. (Max of 12)

(If Free-For-All is not selected, the Lobby Screen appears.  Otherwise, the game screen will show.)

With the MANGO Lobby on-screen, any Twitch player can enter the CODE to enter in the Twitch Chat Window.  Their username will be entered into the Lobby.
Once in the Lobby, each player can TEST the Twitch delay by Opening a “whisper” (Twitch’s Direct Message) to MindTip (the host) entering “!test” and then the special number in the Whisper that the Player sees on their card.
This Twitch Delay result will help the Host determine the setting of Twitch Delay for the Games being played.

Once all players are in the Lobby (or the Host gets tired of waiting), the Host can go into the Game.

The MANGO game starts with each player’s MANGO card being on the screen and all will have a chance to view before the Host starts the game.
Once the game starts, all players will then be able to control their card via MindTip Twitch Chat or Whispers to MindTip channel.  The MANGO tree will appear and start producing Mango Fruits with random numbers on them from 1 to 75.  Each Mango Fruit will drop off the tree after a few seconds and splatter on the ground or sidewall. Once Splattered, the Mango Fruit is out of play.  The player can successfully cover a spot on their MANGO Card if they enter the number of the spot in Chat or Whisper while the Mango Fruit of the matching number is visible on the screen.  If the Player Entry is successful, the MANGO Card number will be covered and the Player will receive points and progress toward making a MANGO line on their card.  The player can enter the same number over and over again even if the Card Number is already covered for Bonus Points.
If the Player enters a Number in Chat or Whispers that is not on their card or on their card but not an in-play MANGO Fruit, a Mistake will be recorded on their card.  A Player can have a maximum of 3 mistakes visible and still be in the game.

How to Enter the Game – Lobby
During the Lobby scene, there will be a 5 Letter Code on the screen (it changes with each game).  Any player that wants to join in the next game would enter this code into the Twitch Chat. If successful, the player will see there Twitch username appear in the game lobby and they will be ready to play when the Host starts the game.

How to Enter the Game – Free For All
During Free For All game modes and while the game is running, any player that wants to join in would enter “!playnow” into the Twitch Chat and hit Send. If successful, the player will see there Twitch username appear on a MANGO card and can start playing the gameThe player at that point can begin sending numbers into Twitch chat to cover their squares.

How to Enter Numbers into Chat or Whispers to play the game (e.g. “!54)
To enter a number, type an ! (exclamation point) followed by the number you want to try and cover. (e.g. !32  !67 !3 !10).   As soon as you hit Send or push the Enter Key on your keyboard, the command is sent to the game via Twitch services.  The Chat Room and Whispers are the MANGO Game Controller for each player.

How to Test the Twitch Delay – Lobby only
After the player enters the game in the Lobby, they can test the Twitch Delay and help the Host determine the Twitch delay setting needed to be set for the games.  Enter “!test” in chat and look for a unique code on your player card to chat back.  The result will show on the Player’s card and tell how long the delay is for Twitch Video Stream to the player’s browser.

Game Objectives
MANGO Tree (Compete) – the first player to successfully fill a single MANGO Line on their MANGO card will end the game and be the Winner.  That player receives the Bonus Points for their score and a Compete Win.
Mango Tree Co-Op – This is a Timed Game.  All Players try to get as many MANGO Lines as they can to exceed the Co-Op Game MANGO Lines Objective before time runs out.  The Game MANGO Lines Objective is dependant on the number of players in the game.  Typically it is 3 per number of players.  Once the Game MANGO Lines Objective threshold is reached. the Game is Over and all players receive a Co-Op Win and the Co-Op Prize Bonus to their score.
If time expires before the Game MANGO Lines Objective is reached, the game is over with no winner and no bonuses.


Each player’s MANGO card has five columns and five rows of random numbers, 25 coverable spots overall. The numbers range from 1 to 75.  Each card has a capacity for 12 MANGO Lines. There is room for 3 Mistakes and 3 Wild holders on each card.  A MANGO Line is five numbers covered in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.  A Full Card is achieved when all spots are covered.  Double, Triple, and Quadruple MANGO lines are bonus achievements for covering a single MANGO card spot successfully that results in 2, 3, or 4 MANGO Lines respectively.

Each MANGO Card can hold a maximum of 3 Mistakes and the player can still play the game.  If the player makes one more Mistake while having 3 Mistakes on their card, they will be OUT for the rest of the game and not receive any points or bonuses.  Mistakes will disappear after a few seconds allowing the player to “cool off” from the Mistakes made.  So, if a player gets 3 Mistakes on their card it is recommended to wait until at least one Mistake falls off before trying to enter another number for their card.

Each Wild icon is considered a Free Entry on the Card.  Special WILD MANGO Fruit can be captured during the game.  Once a player captures a WILD Mango, all Mistakes on their card will be removed and a WILD MANGO Lightning Bolt icon will be added to their card.  If the player has any Wilds on their card, they can enter any Unmarked number on their card and it will be covered whether a matching MANGO Fruit is on the screen or not.  A player’s card can hold a maximum of 3 Wild Icons.

GAME Play Dashboard
Time Remaining (Co-Op)
MANGO Lines needed to Win (Co-Op)
GAME Prize




Special Game Options –

Free For All option – the game will start and the players can join in progress using the Special Chat Room code “!playnow”
Auto-Fill option – The Player’s MANGO Card auto-fills as soon as the MANGO with a matching number appears on the tree. This option removes the Player’ need to interact for filling in their card squares.

Special MANGOs
If enabled, special large glowing MANGOs will appear from above and drop below.  Each of these MANGOs will do something special.  The first player to enter the number of the Special MANGO will receive the special prize associated with it.  Important Note – as soon as one player takes the Special MANGO it is removed from play and no other players can get it.  Any attempts to try to capture the removed Special MANGO will result in a Card Mistake.

  • Silver MANGO – 100 point bonus to player’s score.
  • Gold MANGO – 200 point bonus to player’s score.
  • WILD MANGO – Adds a Wild MANGO Icon to the player’s card and clears all Card Mistakes.  Max of 3 per any one card.  A Wild Mango means the Player can fill in any spot on their card whether it is on the MANGO tree screen or not.