MANGO - First Real Demo

MANGO – First Real Demo

We are so grateful for those who joined us for our Live Demo of MANGO. That would be theimmortalmccleod, WillsToyClearance, and QueenAphodite2001.  These are some great folks that tuned-in and showed us what was working in the game and what could use some help.

We covered the basics of the game with the group,  How to enter the game via chat and then how to play.

Some Auto-Fill games to show the ease of it.

Then GrafxMkr and I played alone in the regular modes of Compete and Co-Op with auto-fill turned off and with us both needing to take to the chat room for filling our little MANGO card squares.

Clearly, using the keyboard and screen to play only was very tough, this is proving to be more challenging than originally thought! The others opted to watch this play out as they were all on the mobile devices. Mobile device interaction was going to be another level of challenge.

We played many more Auto-Fill games of MANGO before I started to notice the stats were not recording as needed. So, there was little point in continuing.

I personally enjoyed the challenge of hunting and tracking the little MANGOs dropping from the tree and seeing where they landed on the card or not.  But, I can see how others would find it very hard.

But this is why we demo, to figure out what works and what needs improvement.

Based on the feedback received, we will take some time to explore the proper controller style that this game will need, be it a Twitch Extension or a mobile device controller.  We’ll see what the community thinks and go back to our coaches for some insight.

Oh, and we can already see the benefits of the Legendary Mindset and MindHack work we’ve been doing.  A couple of months back we might have folded up the tent and moved back into the corporate world of lame and dull.  Not today, though!  No! Today, we are simply looking at the feedback and using it as a LEARNING experience to build on for other steps to take.

After the MANGO demo ended, we decided to play a little Trivia Murder Party 2 for the last half hour.  That is when we had the first visit from TheGametographers (aka Lem) to our stream.  Super happy to have them drop in and show support.

Time to explore options on better controllers now.