Mind Blown Trivia Night

Mind Blown Trivia Night Debut

Looking forward to having a great time on Saturday Dec 5th with our back-to-back debut episodes of Mind Blown™ trivia game show.

This one is free to attend, view, and PARTICIPATE! Yes, you can be part of the show if you join the ZOOM meeting at 8pm EST. The second episode is at 8:30pm.

We can host up to 400 people!  So tell you family and friends as all are invited.
Don’t be shy, join in the FUN and we’ll show you how a Zoom meeting should be run.  No snoozing on this meeting, you’ll WANT to stay wake and take the top spot!

Join our FaceBook page and you’ll see all the details and be ready “in-the-know” for future shows.

And make sure you can reach the website to access the Browser Controller!

Let’s have some fun!