Season 1 - Episode 1 Results

Season 1 – Episode 1 Results

Dec 5th at 8 pm (or thereabouts)

A very fun night with two very special people from our Twitch world of friends and followers.

We put on Season 1 Episode 1 debut of Mind Blown™ on our FB channel and in a Zoom Meeting.   I had practiced this and Episode 2 for most of the week and even worked on some technical modifications for getting more content into the Zoom meeting.

The invites to the page and event were sent out and our moderator and I waited with much anticipation in the Zoom meeting at 8 pm sharp.

5 minutes went by, 10 minutes went by.

No one entered the room. (insert disappointed emoji here)

So, both GrafxMkr and I had thoughts of ending early and calling it quits 15 minutes into the meeting, and then, we had a gentlemen pop in….

He called himself, “Bear The Hairless”.   Which is his popular Twitch handle.

I was expecting a Grizzly… and we got a Teddy Bear.

We’ll call him Chad, though… since that is the moniker he joined the game as.

Both he and his wife Jen the Fearless attended our Halloween Trivia shows back in October (when I didn’t think that blogging was needed – silly me!)…

And now, here they were in person, with our first episode of Mind Blown™ on our channel… in our ZOOM meeting!  How cool is that?

These fine folks were really feeling under the weather, (sick, sick, sick) to say the least.  Yet, they fumbled with laptops to join our Zoom meeting with the trivia show and played along with us the entire game!

GrafxMkr was our moderator (you know her as Sarah, the company owner) and she opted to join the game as well and abstain from questions that she already knew.

The game went fine overall, and we can crown Chad aka “Bear The Hairless” as our first game show winner!  Congratulations Chad!

We aren’t giving any prizes away yet, but we will track any winners’ points that attains the top three scores in any games and see where that goes in the future.

For now, we will just say a very special THANK YOU to Chad and Jen for their attendance and support in our first show. 

And to show our gratitude for them going above and beyond… we’ll be making a small donation to their favorite charity, The Victory Center, on their behalf.

We have a pretty good guess that this is Jen’s favorite charity, considering she repelled off a building back in August 2020 for one of their fundraisers.

Thank you again, Chad and Jen!

Looking to schedule more shows in 2021 and getting more players.

Until We Play Again!