End of 2020 - Top 3 Winners

End of 2020 – Top 3 Winners

Thank you to all that participated in our Zoom meeting and played along in our Mind Blown™ End of the Year 2020 special!  And thank you to those who watched.

The winners are

  1. Scott, the father
  2. Hello
  3. mark@eclecticwellbeing.com

For this show, we dug into the not-so-obvious depths of information on the events that occurred in 2020 that probably “no one should know or care about,” and it made for an interesting show.

We learned quite a bit about the need for a Backstage to join the game and a time for broadcasting to the live stream.  Also, I noticed that if a Co-host joins a Zoom meeting first, the original host loses the ability to turn on Live Streaming!  Oh wow.  Thank you, moderator!  So, future shows will have that Backstage set up first if we are doing a public stream.

Notable questions and survey prompts

  • Guilty people thinking they caused a pandemic
  • Pandas doing something for the first time in 10 years
  • Restaurants being told to GO POUND SAND!
  • Discovering the favorite brand of toilet paper
  • Learning name of the 13th month of 2020
  • And many other facts.

We will be posting this episode to our YouTube Channel soon once edited for time and content.

Be on the lookout for our next public attendance episode in January 2021 – details to come soon.

Until we play again.  Happy New Year – 2021!