The year 2020 ended.

Did we disappear with it?


We have been setting up a lot of “backend” stuff to get our shows better and make a smooth onboarding process for YOU, our future customers, and players!

And to be honest, there are quite a few pieces to set up to make sure it is easy.

But, enough about that.  I’m sure you all are wondering when is the next opportunity to PLAY on a public Mind Blown™ trivia show?

Well… I’m here to tell you, that it has been scheduled for January 30, 2021 – and will be Season 2021 Episode 1 (really original, right?)

If you’d like to play, please nab a ticket from Eventbrite and arrive at the provided Zoom meeting address at 6:30 pm ET
When you arrive backstage, you will be given instructions for gameplay. Broadcast of the event live to social media begins at 7 pm ET
The game starts right at 7:05 pm sharp. Don’t be late!

Mind Blown Season 2021 – Episode 1 – Tickets

If you run into issues, please contact us.

Live social media channels (for viewing only):

Mind Blown™ Rule Changes for Season 2021
Based on the feedback we’ve received, the following rule changes to the trivia show will be implemented.

  • Answer Changes during any question
    • For this show, we’ll let the clock (and points) rundown on the question, but all players will be able to change their answer as much as they want until the time is up.
      Of course, changing the answer will “lock-in” a lesser point value for the response and MAY remove the player from the “first three correct responders” so that choice will be up to them.
  • Answer Time Reduced to 20 seconds for Multiple Guess Questions
    • To save a little time, we’ll also be reducing the question time from 30 seconds to 20 seconds so there is less waiting for players that respond quickly.
    • Emoji Puzzlers will remain at 30 seconds and as a buzz-in to answer question type.