Mind Blown – 2021 Ep 1 – Winners

Okay, THAT was great!  Our crew set up the first Mind Blown™ episode of the 2021 Season using a couple of key new formats and it appears to work very well!
Format changes were the ability to change your response during the question. and having progressively more valuable Mob Rules prompts.
Also, adding the “orientation” at the start we very helpful.

We had ten players during our show, from various areas of the world, and successfully published the Live Stream across our YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook channels for the first time simultaneously.
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Our game orientation or “backstage” did well as we had enough time to get all players ready and into the game.  With our test question format before the show started, we were able to show the different question types and explain the Mob Rules rules as well.

Our players included the following monikers:
Polish princess 1
TrailerTrash1(B Sheridan)
TrailerTrash2(D Sheridan)

Who won?
Well, the top three are posted on the top of this post.

Polish Princess ended up taking the win for this game.  The path to victory was not easy, as Polish Princess was constantly fending off challenges from MEL, Eric, Lisa, Debra, and the TrailerTrash twins.
MEL had the lead early on with the first (and only) correct answer to our BINGO question.
Then Eric took over in the lead after some random fact about what Singapore refuses to sell.
The BEAST of a question took everyone down a peg and put Lisa on top after the dust settled.
MEL returned to the lead briefly with the discovery of what stuffed animal needed to be burned first to get purple.
Polish Princess get their first taste of 1st place with the question about sculptures.
And then, MOB Rules brought in the popular opinions to the front.   Polish Princess was able to navigate those with little problem.
The lead was cemented in with Polish Princess locking correct responses for the last 4 prompts, including the “were you paying attention” question – but it was VERY close. TrailerTrash2 and Eric finished in strong 2nd and 3rd placements at the end,  Great Game!

Hopefully, everyone had a great time.  And we’ll look to do this again on Feb 27, 2021, at 6:30 pm ET when we do Episode 2!
Tickets available on Eventbrite.

Looking forward to seeing YOU there!

Mind Blown - 2021 Episode 1 - fourth and below