Mind Blown - Season 2021 - Episode 2 Winners

Mind Blown – Season 2021 – Episode 2 Winners

We might be getting a little better at this game show thing!
A delightful night with some close friends that sought out our monthly public game show Mind Blown™ for a bit of friendly competition. Season 20201 – Episode 2 was on the agenda for the evening, and although it was fewer players than we had expected, it was a fast-paced, fun show! Our team delivered a good performance and with the “read answers first, reveal with the clock” technique put into this show… nobody appeared to have issues with picking answers or buzzing in. The 30-minute orientation is definitely helping; maybe we will look to add some questions to keep it entertaining for those in early for future shows.

We had 7 players competing for the top spot, and this was after we thought we’d have only 4 during the orientation session.
Over the course of the orientation, Ron received several text messages and emails asking for Zoom meeting code… more players wanted in, and they were about to let a closed Eventbrite event STOP THEM! Persistence is key.

Denise M and Violet got the code and got in the game, thanks to some fancy tech work from our top-notch moderator (and company owner) Sarah! Just in time too.

Once the game gets going, it is very tough to jump in. Well, no, not true. We had ONE MORE late arrival… Doc! In the middle of the 3rd question, Doc appeared!

Here is the Episode 2 player list in order of appearance

Liz & Co.
Denise M

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Recap of the action!

The game? We asked questions about football teams, Britain firsts, candy bars, mechanics, and alcohol… lots of alcohol. In fact, we didn’t even realize how many alcohol references were in this game! Wow! So much for us being “kid-friendly” – don’t drink, kids!

Liz & Co. dominated the Emoji Puzzler questions one by one as they came up. Violet landed the first one concerning Ailments. The questions proved to be tougher than first thought as the players took to the strategy of sitting out a few of them electing to hold their positions instead of guessing! Very disciplined group.

Pandy got the early lead from the first 2 questions. And then Violet hopped out in front with a correct Emoji guess. Doc appeared in the game at the question about “medieval monks” (Ron nailed the intro!). But then, quite a few got stumped on the last Round 1 question, and Pandy found themselves leading by default by the end of the Round.
The lead continued into Round 2 before Violet nailed the question involving colors and retook it.
Denise M came out of nowhere, landing an early correct answer about the Como Coma and grab the lead.

Liz & Co., Drake, Nancy, and Pandy then continued to battle for a chance at the top spot for the rest of the game. But Denise M would not be denied.
The Round 2 leader maintain their lead correctly, picking all but one of the Mob Rules prompts and sealed the victory with great memory about the first question!
This was a CLOSE one – as 17 points decided 2nd and 3rd… and only 900 points kept Violet from winning.

Congratulations to our Episode 2 winner, Denise M!

Hopefully, everyone had a great time.  And we’ll look to do this again on March 27, 2021, at 6:30 pm ET, when we do Episode 3!
Tickets available on Eventbrite or through our MindTip FB Event page.

Looking forward to seeing YOU there!


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