Mind Blown - Season 2021 - Episode 3 Rescheduled Winners

Mind Blown – Season 2021 – Episode 3 Rescheduled Winners

Another fun night with a tight group of Legendary players!
We were so excited to have a close-knit group of 5 contestants on tonight’s show! We all have been waiting for weeks to get the next Mind Blown™ Episode ready to play.
After the delay from March 27 because of Ron’s bout with pneumonia, it seemed like the day would never happen. But finally, it was time.  We rescheduled the March 27th show to April 17th, well because the show needed to happen.

When it was showtime, we think that Ron really got all of this show. It felt like the wit and humor that make for a fun collective experience was there on all levels!
The unexpected “theme” of the show was musical artists, songs, and instruments.  It seemed to take Ron by surprise, but eh, it didn’t matter.  Questions are questions, no matter how strange.

The content of the show seemed tougher than normal.  3 of the questions in Round 1 no one got.  As a game show host, you always like to stump once and a while, but maybe these were TOO far out there—something to consider for the future.

We had 5 solid players in the game from the start and a 6th player that kept trying to get in but appeared to have difficulty.
Erin, sorry about the technical difficulties.  Hopefully, you’ll give it another try in the next show.
The players for Season 2021 – Episode 3 were (in no particular order)
Doc Lisa

From the start, the game proved tough.  Scott grabbed the early lead with the first question about MTV.  Then Napolean’s question had April up on top of the leaderboard.
Scott reclaimed the lead on the very next item, which was an Emoji Puzzler… and NEVER looked back.

Scott played the conservative game, only grabbing points that were known and kept the guessing in check.  Many others dug themselves into the negative points territory with the tough first-round questions.

Creed got the forgetful Emoji Puzzler to end Round 1, but Scott was the leader at that time.
Things turned around for many in Round 2 as the only non-musical question turned into points for many.  Then the music questions returned, and points started to flow to and from everyone.
April picked up the popular character Emoji, and Scott got the ailment one.
Round 2 ended with Scott at the number 1 position again with a commanding 1700 point lead.

But, Mob Rules was then next, and we found that Toast Burns, Airplanes need Wings, and Houses are best bought in person.
We ALL needed to pay attention to the sleeper in the crowd.  The one player started off Round 3 at -1,163 points and was behind the leader by 3,218 points.
She kept nailing one Mob Rules prompt after another and picking up a lot of bonus points along the way.
When it came down to the lone “Were you paying attention?” question, she did.  She remembered the very FIRST song mentioned in the show.  And she landed the answer, 3000 points along with a hefty 400 point bonus!
She would be Felicia!  The come from behind Winner of Mind Blown™ Episode 3!
Doc Lisa also landed that last question and got themselves out of the Negative points zone to have a strong finish.
Scott held to a solid 2nd place, and Creed was in the game all along and picked up Number 3 on our leaderboard after all was set and done!
A very fun night, and we cannot thank our players enough for attending and making it a very special event for all.
A couple of observations.  It is looking like 6:30 pm ET may be TOO early to be calling this event a Trivia Night.  We may be looking to push the start time of future shows back a couple of hours to get an event start time of 9 pm ET.  We’ll continue to listen and research a great time for all future shows.
Looking forward to the next one in only 2 weeks!  May 1, 2021 – Mind Blown Season 2021 – Episode 4
Tickets available on Eventbrite or through our MindTip FB Event page.

Looking forward to seeing YOU there!