Mind Blown - Season 2021 - Episode 4 Winners

Mind Blown – Season 2021 – Episode 4 Winners

Another come from behind victory in the last question of the game!
We were so happy to have a highly competitive group of 6 contestants on tonight’s show!

A short two-week wait after the  April 17th show and it landed on May 1st because there is not an April 31st.  It is interesting when calendar weeks don’t line up.

The content of the show was supposed to be dealing with Spring and Gardening but looks like the writers had other ideas.  And the Emoji Puzzlers appeared to stump our players!  Whoa, that doesn’t happen often.  And we were able to squeeze in one of our favorite GO POUND SAND™ questions as well. Just a game full of useless information… unless you are competing in a trivia show.

We had 6 solid players in the game from the get-go. The players for Season 2021 – Episode 4 were (in no particular order)

John G
Denise M

John G did a great job holding the lead for most of the game, giving it up only briefly to Denise M towards the end of the first round.
Jerry and PANDY were able to pace with John G as the 2nd round progressed into the MOB RULES section.
The final question asking the players to recall the contents of the show proved to be the game-changer again as Jerry remembered (or guessed) at the final answer and picked up the 3,000 points to take the game!  PANDY maintained 2nd place and John G got the 3rd overall finish.

Thank you to all who joined in and participated, it was a lot of fun!

Mind Blown - Season 2021 - Episode 4 Players

Mind Blown – Season 2021 – Episode 4 Players

The next public games will be announced soon.  Looking to start them at 8:30 PM ET to avoid dinner time in many places and limiting them to ZOOM only instead of Live Broadcast.