It’s FUN o’Clock Somewhere… No Matter Where You Are!

Fun virtual game show experiences for your whole organization!


Introducing games and joy into the workplace improves employee engagement, job satisfaction, morale!

Have Fun

Our professional host will lead your team through many rounds of comedic trivia, image puzzles, surveys and more. There is something fun for everyone no matter their skill level!

Build Connection

Employees can stay connected to company culture, communicate with each other in new ways, and have an enjoyable collective shared experience no matter where they are!

Boost Morale

Spending 90 minutes on your team’s morale will result in better work performance and more creative ideas to tackle problems. Happy employees make good employees!

What is Fun o’Clock?

Fun o’Clock is comprised of 4 unique game show experiences plus mini-games played via Zoom. Employees compete against each other for bragging rights while enjoying some well-deserved fun time!

Mind Blown™

Sarcastic Comedy Trivia show asking questions that no one would know or care about.

Image Puzzlers

Look at images and answer: What’s missing or different? Plus emoji puzzles: Can you guess their meaning?

Survey Survivor/Mob Rules

To win you must pick the most popular answer from your peers and be in agreement with the mob.

Wild Wagers

Bet a little or bet it all on random questions based on category alone.

Have the satisfaction of knowing you are creating a company culture where your employees are happy and feel valued.


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