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It’s FUN o’Clock™ Somewhere!

Playing games together is a great way to get everyone on the same page and have some fun. And it’s not just about having fun – there are many benefits of playing games at work that go beyond morale-boosting. It also helps build camaraderie, increases productivity, and inspires creativity, all of which can be hard to achieve in today’s hybrid workplaces.

It’s FUN o’Clock Somewhere… No Matter Where You Are!


These are all signs of low morale, the silent killer of workplace performance.

  • Lack of attendance and engagement
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Frequent sick days
  • Dwindling productivity levels
  • Lack of communication
  • Decreased creativity and problem-solving
  • Sluggish, apathetic employees
  • High turnover rates

Introducing games and joy into the workplace improves employee engagement, job satisfaction and morale!

Happy workplaces are created when people unplug and do something fun together!

Have Fun

Our professional host will lead your team through many rounds of comedic trivia, image puzzles, surveys and more. There is something fun for everyone no matter their skill level!

Build Connection

Employees can stay connected to company culture, communicate with each other in new ways, and have an enjoyable collective shared experience no matter where they are!

Boost Morale

Spending 90 minutes on your team’s morale will result in better work performance and more creative ideas to tackle problems. Happy employees make good employees!

How It Works

It doesn’t matter if your business is big, small; everyone will enjoy playing together whether on their own screens at home or while working at the office.


When you book an event with us we send you a unique Zoom meeting link. All the prep work you have to do is forward this on to your participants and have them join at the time of the event – that’s it!

Game Show

All of the trivia questions and entertainment is taken care of for you. Our professional host takes your participants through multiple rounds of fun and creative questions. Participants submit answers through our online trivia website using their devices or browser.

Have Fun

We create friendly competition and camaraderie and can even integrate your company message into the event itself allowing you to communicate with employees in a new and entertaining way. 

What Our Fans Say

So much fun! Ron is such an entertaining host and the questions really get you thinking! I’ve played and I’ve watched in the audience- fun on both sides! – Jen S.

Wow! This was SOOOOO fun. I was blown away. Ron is such a fantastic host. Thank you so much!!! – Robyn M.

I joined a year-end trivia game show and it was a hoot! A bunch of friends all getting together to have some fun after a difficult year, and Ron did not disappoint. The best part is we were spread all over North America but we might as well have all been playing in his living room. It was fun, interactive, and the time flew by. I would recommend MindTip for group events and fundraisers without reservation. – Scott B.

Oh my gosh! So much FUN! We had a team party, some out of state, some local, some in person. It was exactly what we were looking for to have fun with our entire team! Thank you so much!! – Lisa P.

Ron and his MindTip games ae a blast. I have been to three of his games and each are different. They are challenging, yet no too hard, they keep you on your toes, you will laugh, think, and most of all play and have fun! Ron keeps you entertained as you enjoy. I would recommend Ron and MindTip for any kind of party whether it be a birthday party or even a corporate event. It is entertaining and a bunch of fun for any age. – Doctor Lisa B

I was fortunate to have experienced Mind Tip Games with Ron Davenport not once, but twice! And all I can say is WOW!! 🤩 Unexpected surprises, laughter, and fun competition! I highly recommend his services to any corporation/business! What a great way to formulate bonds, team building and more. Ron makes it so much fun with surprise twists and turns. You must experience yourself! – Kari S.

What is Fun o’Clock?

Fun o’Clock is comprised of 4 unique game show experiences plus mini-games played via Zoom. Employees compete against each other for bragging rights while enjoying some well-deserved fun time!

Mind Blown™

Sarcastic Comedy Trivia show asking questions that no one would know or care about.

Survey Survivor/Mob Rules

To win you must pick the most popular answer from your peers and be in agreement with the mob.

Image Puzzlers

Look at images and answer: What’s missing or different? Plus emoji puzzles: Can you guess their meaning?

Wild Wagers

Bet a little or bet it all on random questions based on category alone.

Have the satisfaction of knowing you are creating a company culture where your employees feel valued.