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Unique game show experience in Zoom!
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Worried your virtual event is going to be a snooze-fest?

Let’s face it, the Corona pandemic has many event planners working overtime to transform what had been in-person events into virtual programs. Few have experience and don’t know if they have what it takes to engage, let alone entertain, the number of people needed to raise substantial amounts of money fundraising via Zoom. We invite you to DITCH the anxiety and panic! We can help!

We make your virtual fundraising events interactive, exciting, and memorable which keeps your guests entertained so YOU can raise money!


Expertly written and executed trivia game shows that are perfectly balanced across rounds for challenge and fun.


Moving fundraising efforts online allows event planners & organizations to keep bringing in much-needed revenue to sustain their programs and services.


Virtual fundraising events allow event planners to engage donors, convert prospects, and maintain fundraising momentum globally, all year long.


How It Works


Step #1: Send an invite

When you book an event with us, either you can set up a Zoom event, or we can. If in our hands, we send you a unique Zoom meeting link. All the prep work you have to do is forward this on to your participants and have them join at the time of the event – that’s it!

Trivia game show

Step #2: Have fun

All of the trivia questions and entertainment is taken care of for you. Our professional host takes your participants through multiple rounds of fun and creative questions. Participants submit answers through our online trivia website using their devices or browser.

Friendly competition

Step #3: Create some competition

As scores are tallied, we show participants where they stand with our online scoring and leaderboards tools. If any participants are tied after a round, we take them into a tie-breaker game and pick a winner.


A Trivia Evening can be one incredibly fun and profitable fundraising event!

56 percent of donors attend fundraising events regularly - Virtual events keep you top-of-mind! [Source: 2018 Global Trends in Giving Report]

Virtual events benefit include saved time, cost-effective operations, immediacy and increase attendance.

Live events raise 150 percent more when live streamed [Source: donordrive]

Trivia peer-to-peer events are a great way to reenergize your donor base.


A Crisis Shouldn’t Interrupt Charitable Giving

At MindTip Games, we know that you want to put on highly profitable fundraising events. To do that, you need to be able to engage with your donors regularly. The problem is in-person events and activities are getting cancelled due to the corona-virus pandemic, making you feel helpless. We believe that charitable giving shouldn’t be interrupted by a crisis, and there is an unprecedented need for online fundraising. We understand transitioning to virtual events can be overwhelming, which is why we created Mind Blown™, a virtual event trivia show, to help you engage and entertain your donors.


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