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Ron Davenport

Ron Davenport

Your Host / Software Developer

Ron is a technologist, music lover, software developer, game maker, and show host for the Mind Blown™ public shows and private events of Fun o’Clock™.

He is looking to serve as many organizations as possible by integrating game show experiences into virtual events for their attendees.

Always looking to bring fun and joy to others, and upon his lack of company culture experiences in his 24-year career, he decided to focus on helping bring fun and connection into the workplace where it is needed the most. Culture above all keeps team members happy and makes the best workplace possible!

Ron has always loved video games and traveling but now enjoys geocaching as well!

As an avid gamer himself with 2 kids who love playing video games too, Ron realizes that there are many people out there that want a game show experience either virtual or in-person but don’t have enough time travel to be on one. So he came up with the idea of doing these type events virtually through his Zoom events where many attendees play together at once.

Sarah Justice

Sarah Justice

Freelance Creative Director

Provider of graphic design services for 20+ years and brand strategy over the past several years through her other business, KindaWonderful, Sarah supports small businesses through consultation and design.

She joins her husband, Ron, at MindTip Games by contributing her skills as a designer, creating artwork for virtual interactive trivia game shows.

She is an introvert by nature but has become a reluctant extrovert because of her love for sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Her loves are cats 🐈, cab sav 🍷, ghost tv 👻, and all things geeky 🧙🏻‍♂️.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us show you how much fun it can be!