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At MindTip Games, we know that you want to put on highly profitable fundraising events. To do that, you need to be able to engage with your donors regularly. The problem is in-person events and activities are getting cancelled due to the corona-virus pandemic, making you feel helpless. We believe that charitable giving shouldn’t be interrupted by a crisis, and there is an unprecedented need for online fundraising. We understand transitioning to virtual events can be overwhelming, which is why we created Mind Blown™, a virtual event trivia show, to help you engage and entertain your donors.

49% of marketers say that audience engagement is the biggest contributing factor to having a successful event. We can help!

[Source: Markletic]



Ron Davenport

Ron Davenport

Your Host / Software Developer

Ron Davenport is a technologist, software developer, game maker, and game show host on MindTip Games, a US-based Event Company interested in serving virtual events that need a game show experience for their attendees.

He has been making and hosting game shows since he was 8 years old with nothing but a deck of cards, closet doors, and his imagination.

Ron always wants to fill his days with opportunities to entertain people through fun and interesting experiences so that together they create a good time for everyone involved.

Ron also wants to help others along their independence journey of doing what they love so that people are productive doing what they were meant to do instead of being trapped in what they are forced to do.

At the time of the pandemic, Ron has realized there is a need to fill in fund-raising events needing to go virtual. He has supported and advocated for notable fund-raiser efforts his whole life. This includes the MDA (via the Labor Telethons), Children’s Miracle Network, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.




Sarah Justice

Sarah Justice

CEO / Creative Director

Provider of design services for over two decades and brand strategy over the past several years through her other business, KindaWonderful, Sarah supports small businesses through consultation and design. She joins her husband at MindTip Games by contributing her skills as a designer, creating artwork for virtual interactive trivia game shows.

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